IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) is the largest international society of Biomedical Engineers, congregating 12 thousand members spread across 97 countries.
It is committed to the application of engineering sciences and technology for the advance of medicine and biology, to the promotion of the Engineering professions that aim to improve health and enhance quality of life and the development of their professionals, as well as to promote multidisciplinary scientific and technical events for dissemination of

In Portugal, it is represented by its Portugal Section Chapter and it was founded in 2006. We have close to two hundred members and 4 active Student Chapters.
Its growth over the last few years has been evident because of the work of the previous executive directions, as well as the exponential increase in the attention given to healthcare and technologies applied to medicine and biology.

Indeed, in Portugal, in the last ten years, there has been a huge increase of the academic offer in the areas of Biomedical Engineering, Biological Engineering and Bioengineering. Presently, there are more than one thousand graduates in these areas and there are also hundreds of students currently attending the corresponding undergraduate and graduate
programs. The existence of professional associations capable of promoting the profession, supporting professional development and recognizing excellence is particularly important. We believe that the IEEE-EMBS Portugal Chapter can contribute significantly to these goals, by promoting the scientific and technical excellence of our biomedical engineering professionals, institutions, and all research and development related activities

For the biennium 2022-2023, the main goals of the current executive direction are:
• Organization of ENBENG conference;
• Support the existing EMBS Student Chapters and promote the creation of more;
• Increase the number of members of the IEEE EMBS Portugal Chapter;
• Promote and support all high-quality biomedical engineering events in Portugal
• Promote collaboration with IEEE-EMBS international organizations and the IEEE national section;
• Invite Portuguese EMB startups & scale-ups to partners of a EMBS.PT affiliation program, aligned with the IEEE.PT efforts to consolidate relations with industry in the EMB area.
• Invite EMBS Distinguished Lectures to participate in our events;
• Promote and support the application of IEEE-EMBS Portuguese Chapter members to obtain Senior and Fellow degrees.


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João Paulo Cunha
Hugo Silva
Fátima Domingues
Duarte Dias