In 2020, our community was committed to pose technological solutions to address COVID-19 effects. Nevertheless, the highlights were:
We promote 4 distinguished lecturers (Dimitrios Fotiadis [Lectures of Mestrado em Informática Médica, February], Martin Grossmann [XV ENEEB – Encontro Nacional de Estudantes de Engenharia Biomédica, March], Zahra Moussavi and Brian Lithgow [XI Symposium on Bioengineering – Wired, April]);
– We received the IEEE Portugal Outstanding Chapter Award from 2019;
– We were in the organization of the IEEE PT Engineering Day 2020;
– We organized a webinar to promote Biomedical Engineering and its future professionals, with the European countries (and respective companies) together with IEEE EMBS ISEL;
– And 6 more activities were supported/promoted (


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