The International Conference in Engineering Applications – ICEA19 is held in Azores Island, July 8th to 11th, 2019. Contributions are expected to be in both theoretical developments and practical implementations in all areas involving Biomedical, Energy, IoT, Electronics and Education. Between all contributions presented, two will be selected to receive a best paper award. ICEA19 will provide an excellent opportunity for presenting new results and to discuss the latest research and developments in the field.
The main objective of the multitrack conference organisation is to join together researchers and practitioners from different areas and different visions in order to find a cross disciplinary vision that will benefit all the intervenients. Participation of young scientists is strongly encouraged. The conference is intended as an international forum where an effective exchange of knowledge and experience amongst researchers active in various theoretical and applied areas can take place. Participation of scientists from academia and industry is particularly welcome. The program will include also considerable space for promoting new technical applications and developments, real-world challenges and success stories.

This conference will join engineering related application areas and is organised in multiple tracks:
Track1: Biomedical Engineering Applications
Track2: Energy and Sustainability for Small Developing Economies
Track3: Internet of Things for Global Community
Track4: Electronics Applications and System Integration for Future Technologies
Track5: Education in Engineering