The sixth edition of the Vision Understanding and Machine Intelligence (VISUM) Summer School takes place between 5 and 13, July 2018, in Porto – FEUP – Portugal. This year the covered topics are:
1. Computer Vision and Machine Learning
2. Affective Computing
3. Deep Learning
4. Statistical Shape Modelling
5. Human Behaviour Analysis
6. Brain Image Analysis

World-renowned experts in the fields deliver the courses, and the material covered guide in building an AI system as a curricular project. Aside from the theoretical relevance of the topics covered, and the experience of building a practical AI application, the school aims to provide a stimulating opportunity for students, young researchers and professionals with interests in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. The participants benefit from direct interaction with representatives from the most relevant industries in the field, as well as top academics… In general, people that have been exposed to introductory topics of Computer Vision and Machine Learning find this to be an excellent opportunity to grow their knowledge base. The target audience is therefore:
1. MSc and PhD students
2. Researchers and Post-doctoral scholars
3. Industry professionals

List of invited speakers:
1. Alejandro Frangi, University of Sheffield, UK
2. Björn W. Schuller, University of Augsburg, DE
3. Michel Valstar, University of Nottingham, UK
4. Jaime S. Cardoso, University of Porto, PT
5. Luís Teixeira, University of Porto, PT

Industry panel:
1. IBM Research AI, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center / by John R. Smith, USA
2. Bosch / Jochen Wingbermühle, PT
3. Tecnalia / by Thierry Keller, ES
4. Neadvance / by Manuel João Ferreira, PT
5. CardioID / by André Lourenço, PT
6. Abyssal / by Pedro Costa, PT