The I International Meeting of Medical Technology and Healthcare Business happens in ESS, Porto, Portugal, March 9, 2018, and is organized by Health School of Polytechnic of Porto (ESS). This multidisciplinary and international meeting is focused on medical technologies using imaging and biosignals sources. This meeting provides to healthcare students and professionals a detailed overview of the current research and technological advances in this continually developing field. This Meeting also set the beginning of the 2nd semester of European Master Medical Technology and Healthcare Business (EMMAH) at ESS, a master degree offered jointly with Hamburg Faculty of Life Sciences (HAW) and Faculté Ingénierie et Management de la Santé (ILIS). Some speakers are Isabel Bravo (IPO), Francesco Renna (FCUP), Luis Coelho (ISEP), Lídio Silva (UCP) and Miguel Sequeiros (Medtronic).