The Symposium on Bioengineering happens on April 4th and 5th at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto! “Solving Tomorrow, Today” continues to be the motto adopted. Taking the best from the previous editions and improving it. Symposium has 25 speakers from several different countries to bring you news on the hottest topics current and best of all in bioengineering.


The IEEE EMBS chapter Portugal invited the Distinguished Lecturer Dr. David Grayden to present “Artificial Intelligence Technologies for a Personalized Epileptic Seizures Forecasting” ( Professor David B. Grayden is Clifford Chair of Neural Engineering in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and the Graeme Clark Institute for Biomedical Engineering. Prof Grayden’s main research interests are in understanding how the brain processes information, how best to present information to the brain using medical bionics, such as the bionic ear and bionic eye, and how to record information from the brain, such as for brain-machine interfaces. He is also conducting research in epileptic seizure prediction and electrical stimulation to prevent or stop epileptic seizures, and in electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve to control inflammatory bowel disease. Together with the Melbourne Business School, he teaches BioDesign Innovation, an immersive course in how to innovate in Medical Technologies for Master of Engineering and Master of Business Administration students.

Our secretary, Hugo Silva, also had the opportunity to give a workshop presenting “Getting Started with BITalino” (