The main goal of the 3rd Industrial workshop is to inspire new approaches to address the challenges faced by the health industry nowadays. Bringing together specialists from the health ecosystem and researchers from several areas, this workshop aims to discuss those challenges, to hear perspectives on the latest trends in healthcare and to identify promising opportunities where mathematics plays a significant role to improve that field.
Healthcare challenges are spread across many different areas such as precision medicine, big data and data management, wellness and prevention, or the social and ethical implications of advances in healthcare. Mathematics tools are often required do deal with these problems and are essential to derive effective solutions.

Ana Paula Rocha / FCUP, Portugal
André Dias Pereira / UC, Portugal
Bart Romeny / Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Inês Sousa / UM, Portugal
Isabel Figueiredo / UC, Portugal
João Malva / UC, Portugal
Ribeiro Ribeiro / ESTeSL – IPL, Portugal
Rui Rodrigues / FCT Nova Lisbon, Portugal
Wil Schilders / President of EU-MATHS-IN.


The full-day meeting allowed the thorough exchange of ideas, state-of-the-art solutions, and challenges ahead needing the involvement of these different topics to move forward.
The inaugural lecture by the IEEE EMBS Distinguished Lecturer, Prof. Bart ter Haar Romeny, set the pace of discussion presenting recent advances on medical imaging and deep learning. The contribution of engineering to tackle complex problems using novel approaches and the vital support of mathematics was made evident by the lecturer and led to a discussion that will last over the end of the meeting. The role of engineering in this process was made clear and opened the door for collaborations between the different groups attending the conference. It was also inspirational to all, but with a particular focus on young researchers and students. Discussions continued over the coffee breaks and lunchtime where about 100 people gather together in fruitful conversations around the conference theme.

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