Neuroengineering is a multidisciplinary field with the goal of addressing neuroscience problems with methodologies that go well beyond molecular and cellular biology: by combining neuroscience with engineering fields such as computer science, information theory, electronics, nanomaterials, among others, neuroengineering creates new ways to reveal, repair and even enhance human brains. The workshop aims at promoting an intellectually stimulating environment where new ideas can be exchanged and new collaborations can be forged. By integrating hands-on practical sessions, the workshop also gives the possibility for the interested participants to try basic techniques used in neuroengineering.
This is the 3rd edition of the workshop on neuroengineering, this time with the subtopic of decoding neural information. It is on April 8-9 th in i3S, Porto.

Janos Vörös / ETH Zürich, CH
Frédéric Saudou / Grenoble Institut Neurosciences, FR
Miguel Remondes / IMM, PT
Michael Orger / Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme, PT
Sergio Martinoia / DIBRIS Genova, IT
Diego Ghezzi / EPFL, CH
among others.

S1 – Basics of Neuronal Cell Cultures
S2 – Memristors as artificial synapses: neuromorphic applications
S3 – Principles of patch-clamp electrophysiology
S4 – In silico neuroscience and detailed simulations of neurons
S5 – Principles of multielectrode arrays (MEAs) electrophysiology
S6 – Imaging neuronal activity with calcium dyes
S7 – Introduction to basic concepts of neuronal morphometric analysis in imageJ