This is a event titled: “Workshop on Neuroengineering: Electroceuticals, Using bioelectronics and electrical stimulation as therapeutic strategies in neurology” which happens on 9-10th April 2018 in i3S, Porto. The workshop aims at promoting an intellectually stimulating environment where new ideas can be exchanged and new collaborations can be forged. By integrating hands-on practical sessions, the workshop also gives the possibility for the interested participants to try basic techniques used in neuroengineering. The event is coordinated by Paulo Aguiar (I3S) and João Ventura (IFIMUP-IN). The keynote speakers are Marco Capogrosso (University of Friborg), Susana Freitas (INESC-MN), Michele Giugliano (University of Antwerp), Xiao Liu (University College London), Xavier Navarro (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Wouter Serdijn Technology and University College London), Rui Vaz (S. João Hospital), Arlindo Oliveira (INESC-ID / IST) and Medtronic.